"I know youíve probably heard it before, but if a list of REALLY GREAT horologists is ever done, your name will be at the top. I donít know if youíve ever replaced a spring, bushed a pivot or synchíed a strike, but youíve done more for horologists than anyone I know of in the past century. And your patriotism doesnít go unnoticed. Perhaps more than being a great horologist, you, Sir, are a GREAT AMERICAN!

Colonel Larry Holmes - Clinton, MS"

In response to Col. Holmesí comments, many clock and watch collectors have also expressed the following:

"AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 Peter Janson - Springfield, MA


"Tran, I couldnít have put it better myself" 

 Bob Wasserman - Milanville, PA



 Dr. Gregory Zimmerman - Birmingham, MI


"Tran, got to agree your the best" 

 Ken Sposato - White Plains, NY


"Tran: Wow, it sure is nice to have people recognize the contributions that we make in our short, and sometimes bumpy, journey through life." 

 John Tanner - Upland, CA


"I agree you have changed the face of horology for the better" 

 James Krause - Huntington Beach, CA


"Hi Tran, what a nice compliment, you really deserve it." 

 Phil Gregory - Guadalajara, TX


"Hello Tran, Excellent. Nice to hear someone express their admiration. I know we donít do these things for that reason, but itís still nice to hear. Congratulations" 

 Brian Loomes - United Kingdom


"Tran, that was a very nice compliment. Frame it" 

 Carroll Horton - Lexington, KY

"Hi Tran, Congratulations! I feel that your books are essential for anyone collecting"

Terry Wesner -Chelsea, MI


"Hi Tran, I think his endorsement should definitely be a part of your book. I have long felt that you should be made a fellow in the National but I guess my suggestions fall on deaf ears."

 Allen Buckley - Odessa, NY

"Dear Tran, Thatís right! Congratulations!" 

 Joyce Wahler - Palo Alto, CA

"Hi Tran, a well deserved comment" 

 Terry Brotherton - Pasadena, TX


 Owen Burt - Novi, MI

"Very Nice!" 

 Richard Thornley - Medford, OR

"Hi Tran, I think that is a REALLY WONDERFUL COMMENT and I am proud to know you. I know that Bill would have said the same thing, He had a lot of respect and affection for you"

 Myrtie Simmons - Eagle Rock, VA

"Hi Tran - That was a nice tribute and well deserved."

 Chris Bailey - New Hartford, CT

"Tran, I agree 100%" 

 Dr. Owens - ROwens54@aol.com

"Hi Tran, A very nice letter. Something you really deserve!" 

 Steve Berger - clocks@timesavers.com

"Very nice comment and I think that anyone involved in clocks would have to have the same opinion."

 Jack Wyer - Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Dear Tran, well your friend did NOT exaggerate; you have done a lot for all of us."

 Bob Schmitt - roschmittclocks@yahoo.com

"Tran, you deserve such compliments your diligence, your perseverance your demand for exacting accuracy and detail....you have done so much for the field of horology. You brought light to an otherwise darkness in a field where guessing and assumption without research was rampant. No one can thank you enough, however your name and spirit will live for as long as there are clock collectors, American and International! Congratulations Tran." 

David and Jane Warner - Baldwin, MO

"No one has done more in the area of identification of antique clocks than Tran Duy Ly. Tranís attention to detail and accuracy in his publications is unbelievable. The clock collecting world is truly indebted to Tran and Vicky."

 Larry & Barbara Funk - Arvado, CO

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