Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements
by Tran Duy Ly
ISBN 093016394X

Third Edition, Volume 2

Published 2005 by

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Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements is a 2 Volume set. Please note there are no duplication of clocks from Volume 1 to Volume 2Volume 1 from pages 1 - 576, with 1,888 quality illustrations and photographs.  Volume 2 from pages 577 - 1,152, with 1,717 quality illustrations and photographs.

8 1/2 x 11 - Smyth sewn hardbound in white gloss enamel text, with 2005 Price Up-date, $79.50. (Special Price $47.70)

All clock illustrations from the 1st and 2nd Edition are now in 3rd Edition - Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Review by Samuel Licata - Hummelstown, PA

Dr. Licata is a volunteer for the NAWCC Library Research Team

OVERWHELMING: The third edition for Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements by Tran Duy Ly and his staff cannot be described in no less terms. Previously prepared editions by Tran represented the most comprehensive information published on Seth Thomas Clocks. The last was {2nd edition} published in 1996. This 3rd edition {Volume 1 already in print} combined with Tranís recent publication of Volume II is so overwhelming in minute detail that this 3rd edition, Volume I and II is a must-have for any collector of American clocks.

CONTENT: Each of the two volumes contains information on different and distinct categories of Seth Thomas Clocks. This 3rd volume relies heavily upon Seth Thomas catalogues produced by the Seth Thomas Company over the years; but they of themselves have spent a considerable amount of time not only researching these catalogues but have, in association with numerous experts, conducted a review and examination of many actual examples which has yielded additional information to determine variant models not found in catalogues.

VOLUME II SPECIFICS: The publication of Volume II compliments Volume I by including descriptions of additional models not included in Volume I. In large part Volume II describes each and every varient on mantle clocks produced by the Seth Thomas Company. Marble, onyx, metal, porcelain, and those with wood cases are all described in catalogue format. Various styles, noting variant models are included with special emphasis on musical varieties, Ogee, Pillar and Scroll, City Series, Steeple, Swinging Frame, and Tambour models. Of special interest is a separate section devoted to violin clocks.

Chapters on Shipís Bell, Shipís Chronometer, Street and Tower Clocks follow. Of special interest to all collectors are descriptions of Statuettes, Candlestick, Ornamental, dials and dial sashes, glass and movements utilized by the Seth Thomas Company. Plymouth clocks and a comprehensive Seth Thomas and Sons clocks also included. Finally, which illustrates just how all inclusive this 3rd edition is, Tran has included chapters for pocket and wrist watches produced by Seth Thomas.

SUMMARY: The 3rd edition, Volume I & II Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements provides the most thorough documentation on the Seth Thomas Company witnessed to date, an encyclopedia for Seth Thomas Clocks and an asset to anyone interested in the Seth Thomas Company. A book as important as this should be a part of every collectorís library.


What Collectors Say:

"...The Movements Section is incredible, how did you add so much information? When I look at it, I can't say anything but Thank You". You showed a lot of guts when you reported on page 961 that Seth Thomas errored in their 1915 Catalog when they listed the model applications for the 89-AD clock movement..."
Al Dodson - Clockmaker - Lexington, KY

"... I like your Watch Section. In George Townsend's 'Almost everything you wanted to know about American Watches, and didn't know who to ask', only three Seth Thomas watch movements are listed, but your Watch Section has 41 different models'. My hat is off to you".
Denzil Miler - N. Ft. Myers, FL
Ditto: Cooksey Shugart - Chattanooga, TN

"...I deal with Ship's Bell and Ship's clocks daily and your Ship's Bell section is fantastic. The only problem I see is that if collectors have your book I won't be able to get a bargain when buying."
Early Richey - Harrisburg, PA

"...This Seth Thomas 3rd Edition, Volume 2 is a must for anyone that needs to broaden his/her knowledge. Regarding Seth Thomas & Sons clocks as well as the firm of Seth Thomas. Thank you Tran as this is your finest work..."
Steve Sadowski - New York, NY

"... I love the new Seth Thomas book, but why shouldn't I? It's been a considerable void in my library not having either the Seth Thomas or Welch books. I have often wondered how anyone could consider himself a collector and not purchase your books..."
Jerry Maler - Sayville, NY

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