Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements
by Tran Duy Ly
ISBN 093016394X

Third Edition, Volume 1

Published 2004 by

Arlington Books
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Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements is a 2 Volume set. Please note there are no duplication of clocks from Volume 1 to Volume 2Volume 1 from pages 1 - 576, with 1,888 quality illustrations and photographs.  Volume 2 from pages 577 - 1,152, with 1,717 quality illustrations and photographs.

8 1/2 x 11 - Smyth sewn hardbound in white gloss enamel text, with 2005 Price Up-date, $79.50. (Special Price $47.70)

All clock illustrations from 1st and 2nd editions are now in 3rd Edition - Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Review by David Warner FNAWCC - Ballwin, MO

It was no surprise when Mr. Tran Duy Ly published his first edition of Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements it received stunning reviews! The book was greatly commended for many reasons, none more important than being the first real comprehensive guide to the identification and values of most Seth Thomas clocks manufactured during the firm’s first century of production since 1810. Prior to the publication of Mr. Ly’s guide, collectors everywhere often consumed more time examining a myriad of individual clock catalogs than the clock itself. Tran Duy Ly, in one innovative volume, eliminated that problem for Seth Thomas collectors by exhaustively extracting a complete collection of the best catalog representations of the clockmaker’s finest examples and placed them in his guide. The pages of his Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements contain refreshing, exact reproductions of Seth Thomas clocks as found in original catalogs. Also, the arrangement of clocks are logical and indexed for ease of use, reflecting the author's own insight as a highly knowledgeable and respected collector. Subsequently, the collector’s ability to quickly identify a clock and determine its originality and value has been improved immensely by Mr. Ly’s work.

Tran Duy Ly is without doubt the leader in Horological Reference Books and price guide information! This book includes his proven and time tested methodology in the section "Important Tips," and conveys a wisdom above and beyond the advice of a true expert! This section is a staple in all of his publications, simply because it provides sound advice for collectors from novice to experienced, as well as dealers, restorers, conservationists, and preservationists! The section also shares the life experience of Mr. Tran Duy Ly; his instruction, his experience of buying and selling, collecting and investing, speculation and auctioneering. The savvy that is revealed extensively in understanding the factors that establish the price and value of clocks, including the finer points of grading, is like having Mr Tran Duy Ly with you as you examine and discover, objectively, Seth Thomas Clocks. Mr. Ly's expertise in Seth Thomas clocks is undeniable.


INTRODUCTION By Richard W. Oliver, Jr. "The Clock Guy"

    It’s Finally Here!  When we opened our draft copy of Tran Duy Ly’s Third Edition of Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, Volume 1, 3rd edition, it was instantly clear he had another best-seller on his hands and that we were going to see some clocks we’d not seen before.  With the value of Seth Thomas clocks increasing more rapidly than any other maker in the past several years, this book is a mandatory investment for all serious American clock collectors.

    Our Second Edition copy is the most frequently referenced clock book we own. It’s simply the most definitive work on Seth Thomas ever published… until now.  (If "true confessions" are in order, we’ve also rubbed our hands together on more than one occasion when we’ve seen copies of our high-demand, out-of-print Second Edition sell on the internet for $350.  That’s a 700% return-on-investment on the paper – let alone the content – in a six-year period of time!)

    Invaluable!  When we began in 1998 it was immediately apparent we could not run a major antique clock brokerage without owning every one of Tran Duy Ly’s books.  Couldn’t be done.  Period.  That invaluable investment has paid for itself over and over again.  In our listings we always refer others to "the source," Tran Duy Ly, to begin or complete their horological library.  That’s just good citizenship!

    What Others Say:  Pennsylvania clock dealer Ken Markley says it eloquently, "Tran’s publications have shaped the course of clock-collecting throughout the world.  He is a brilliant and resourceful person whose commitment to horological documentation and appraisal are immeasurable."  Recently, a major Midwest collector bought a whopping four Walter Durfee tallcase clocks.  He commented at the time, "If the clock isn’t in Tran’s books, I’m not going to buy it."

    New Hampshire clock auctioneer Bob Schmitt tells this story:  "Tran Duy Ly came from Viet Nam 40 years ago.  On a bus during his first day here, he stepped on a lady’s foot and said, "Thank you" instead of, "I’m sorry!"  Now he’s the King of Clock Books."  What a country.  What an American success story where the effort of one man can make such a useful contribution to so many!   

    Like No Other:  Webster uses the terms importance and merit to define "worth."  Tran Duy Ly’s contribution to horology Americana is both important and meritorious.  For anyone interested in American clocks, Tran’s books meticulously document the life and work of numerous clockmakers and their enterprises.  Each volume tracks the ascent of the maker to marketplace prominence (and often descent from), setting the stage for the reader to enjoy literally hundreds of subsequent pages of photos of preserved clocks and original catalogue drawings, along with sound, friendly advice that serious collectors will wish they’d read before purchasing their first "beginner clock."  A detailed index by physical category, then model name or number makes lookup simple and quick.  We’re convinced when you pore through this new volume, you’ll agree that straightforward and genius are to Tran Duy Ly as importance and merit are to "worth"!

    Pricing Guides:  Though any antiquity is only worth what a cash-bearing buyer is willing to pay for it on any given day, Tran’s periodically updated Price Guides offer sound guidance based on recent prices paid, with feedback provided by major dealers across the country.  Price Guides remind me of the North Star.  We may never reach it, but it’s always there as a consistent, reliable guide.  We always recommend purchasing Tran’s updated Price Guides.  More than anyone we know, he has his ear to the ground and hand on the pulse of antique clocks in North America.

    Seth Thomas 3rd Edition... At Last!  Happy reading, pondering, decision-making… and investing!


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