Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators
Part 1 - Machine Made Clocks

by Tran Duy Ly
ISBN 0930163605
Published 1994 by

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504 pages - 8 1/2 x 11 - 1150 quality illustrations and photographs.
Smyth sewn hardbound on high gloss enamel text with 2000 Price Update $69.50.
(Special Price $34.75)
2000 Price Update only $15.00 (Special Price $10.00)

David Morgan was NAWCC President from 1997 to 1999.

To own a fine standing hall clock or other machine age regulator is the dream of most clock collectors as well as most owners of homes throughout the world. The book, Long Case Clocks and Standing Regulators, Part 1, will surely be the most important reference available anywhere.

Long Case Clocks and Standing Regulators takes the serious collector and investor through hundreds of clocks made by no less than fifty precision companies from several different countries. There is no other work available that provides nearly the coverage of this excellent reference.

The volume begins with a well written and complete list of important buying tips by Thomas Spittler, a recognized authority on European and American long case clocks. He covers important questions and considerations that one should familiarize themselves with before purchasing one of these clocks.

This book not only covers the general description of the various pieces but also provides the technical information necessary to allow the collector to be thoroughly informed prior to making a purchase. More importantly, the subtle differences that make some clocks more desirable and thus more valuable are well presented.

It is quite unlikely that any of us has heard of Haas & Shone, Harris & Harrington, Hirst Brothers & Company or many of the other companies listed in this very large and complete volume. On the other hand, clocks by the well known companies such as E. Howard, Seth Thomas and Colonial are covered in complete detail. Many of their models are in no other reference.

In reading through this book, one realizes that Mr. Ly has composed the most complete and comprehensive reference on these clocks. It is evident that he has spent hundreds of hours researching collections and horological literature to obtain the massive amount of information necessary for this very complete work.

While going through the 504 pages one soon realizes that the machine made, factory produced long case clocks and regulators were produced in vast numbers in both America and Europe, thus, one may find them now in the most unlikely places. Long Case Clocks and Standing Regulators serves as the clock collector's best new, indispensable companion in finding and understanding these splendid clocks. Serious collectors, dealers and restorers are fortunate that Tran Duy Ly has taken the lead in horological reference books.

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