Kroeber Clocks - American & Imported
by Tran Duy Ly

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584 pages - 8 1/2 x 11 - Over 2000 quality illustrations and photographs in both black and white and in color. Smyth sewn hardbound on white gloss enamel text with 2006 Price Update, $85.00. (Special Price $42.50)
Review by Chris H. Bailey

Retired curator of the American Clock & Watch Museum

Florence Kroeber was one of American’s most interesting clock entrepreneurs and importers. Anyone who has owned a Kroeber clock will tell you that his movements were usually of a higher quality than many Connecticut movements and his cases are interesting and well made. Tran Duy Ly’s book on Kroeber clocks is a monumental work which illustrates the majority of clocks found with the Kroeber name. Not only are catalog engravings shown, but also shown are actual photos of most models from the amazing Kroeber collection of C. Kent Kroeber. Over 350 pages of Kroeber clocks, novelties, hanging clocks and mantel clocks with wood, metal or porcelain cases are illustrated as well as auxiliary items such as figurines, candelabra, signs and brackets which were marketed by Kroeber.

A very important section which collectors should not overlook will be found on pages 402 to 498 – some 96 pages of IMPORTED clocks and items which Kroeber sold. Florence Kroeber was born in Germany and had connections with European

manufacturers who supplied him with foreign-made clocks which he sold through his store. One will find some German-made chime clocks (1 page), German wall and shelf cuckoo clocks (8 pages), French alabaster clocks under glass shades (21 pages), French marble cased clocks (22 pages), French onyx case clocks (2 pages), French and German

mechanical clocks (2 pages), French and German alarm clocks (1 page), German-made Vienna-style regulators (12 pages) and side pieces and statues, some French and others either European or American-made (26 pages). Many of these are found in collections, antique shops and auctions even today. I once thought these were mostly imported from Europe during the last 40 years by antique dealers, but now realize that many were imported and sold by Kroeber and have been in this country for nearly a century and a half.

This hefty 584 page book also contains a detailed history of Florence Kroeber and his company, a section of Kroeber-related historical materials including invoices and labels as well as detailed photos of movements, dials and pendulums to help in identification of clocks with original Kroeber parts. Of course the volume is indexed and a price guide for each item is included.


Kroeber Clocks - American & Imported
by Tran Duy Ly

Review by C. Kent Kroeber

Over the past year, I've had the privilege to work with Tran Duy Ly to make the first ever comprehensive reference book on Florence Kroeber a reality. In my opinion Tran's new "Kroeber Clocks - American & Imported" book is an outstanding reference and guide to the life, work, and clocks, of Florence Kroeber.
As a collector of Kroeber's clocks for the past twenty five years, I've had limited information, in terms of authentic reference books, on the clocks Kroeber manufactured over the forty eight years he was in business. Now, for the first time, there is an accurate and authentic book on Kroeber's clocks available for all collectors.
The book has over two thousand illustrations in both black and white and in color. There is a biography of Kroeber's personal and business life written by Chris Bailey, America's leading horological expert. The book includes catalog pictures and clock photos of Kroeber's vast line of clocks that he manufactured, imported, and others that he offered for sale over his many years of conducting business in New York City.
By using never before published original Kroeber catalogs, dating back to the Company's beginnings in 1866, the collector can see the evolution of Kroeber's clocks that competed successfully with other much larger clock manufacturers of the time. The mystery of the Fuller & Kroeber "misprinted labels" is solved....and much more.
Tran has brought this comprehensive book to a reality after extensive research and historical documentation. He has applied his high professional standards and publishing talents to produce a book that will be "the" Kroeber Reference Book for today's collectors....and for future collectors.
I'm pleased to have played a small part in helping to bring the long overdue Florence Kroeber story to the attention of clock collectors....and somehow....and somewhere....I believe my great grand uncle is very pleased.
Thank you Tran, for this outstanding book.

C. Kent Kroeber
Tuxedo Park, New York



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