"... Your Kroeber Clocks book is ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID, especially the ‘IMPORTED SECTION’ your details on French, German and Swiss clocks such as: Alabaster, Chime clocks, Hanging & Mantel Cuckoo & Trumpeters, French clocks & Bronzes, Glass shades, Gilt & Alabaster, Mantel clocks Gilt & Others, Marble and Bronze, Mechanical American, Mechanical Imported, Onyx, Sidepieces & Statuettes, Sidepieces & Statuesttes Vases, Swiss Vienna & Hanging Regulators etc. That section alone worth the price of the book. This is another top notch production of a long list of your books. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world..."
Susan Lethcoe - Abingdon, VA

"... We both love the Kroeber Clocks book and spent last night looking at all the pictures and reading parts of the book. It is an excellent book..."
Randy Alexander - Prairie Village, KS

"...It has long been known what an invaluable asset the series of books by Tran Duy Ly have been to clock collectors the world over. In more than forty years of repairing and collecting clocks, I have found no other references to be so helpful with identification and evaluation of such a wide variety of these artistic and functional collectibles. In the volume Kroeber Clocks - American & Imported, the master has surpassed himself. Especially the section on imported clocks provides a rare asset that is perhaps not in common with Tran’s other works, however, in that it shows a variety of the many French and German clocks, sidepieces and statuettes which Kroeber imported over the years in successfully building and expanding his business, and which cannot be found in any other reference work. Alabaster, marble and gilt clocks from France, bronze sculped pieces, Black Forest cuckoo clocks, Vienna regulators, trumpeters and elegant chime clocks can all be found here, along with details on measurements, year of production and features. The fact that Kroeber was the sole American agent for the Resch Brothers’ Vienna Regulators verifies the significance of this book as an incomparable resource for information on the multitude of these clocks which were marketed here at that time, and are so highly prized by clock collectors yet today. The preservation of this wealth of information is, in itself, to be highly praised. To have it available in such an attractive and accessible format with such high regard for accuracy and detail is a blessing for which all those of us in the world of horology will be forever grateful, and indebted."
Stephen Whitley - Forsyth, MO

"...I love all of Tran's books.  They are an incredible resource for the repairman and the collector.  We reference them often."
Mike Simon -  Zimmerman Jewelers, York, PA

"...I am a big fan of your books.  I only started collecting clocks about five years ago but have amassed quite a few.  I have your books on all of the American made clocks except for Welch.  Can you tell me if one is available and where can I purchase it?  This make my collection complete!  Thank you for all your knowledge and guidance.  I have learned so much from you and reference your books regularly."
Garry Lawrence - Chapel Hill, TN

"...As a clock collector for many years I've acquired a very large Horological Library to assist me in my pursuit.  I've found Tran Duy Ly's identification and price guides to be the most valuable resources in my library.  My favorite Tran Duy Ly books are the Kroeber Clocks followed by the Ansonia Clocks and Watches.  I'm waiting in great anticipation for the new expanded Welch Clocks.  Thank you for all the terrific resource guides.
John S. Koepke - San Pablo, CA

"...Your meticulous dedication and depth of knowledge, to the field of Horology, is exemplified in your latest book, 'Kroeber Clocks - American & Imported'. Clock collectors around the world are fortunate... and I expect very greatful... that you have published another outstanding and fascinating horological masterpiece..."
C. Kent Kroeber - Tuxedo Park, NY

"... Your Seth Thomas Volumes were considered your finest work...Well, Tran, you have just superseded that publishing achievement...with your "Kroeber Clocks" book.  The amount of information in this book is astonishing!  Just when you believe you've seen it all, you publish the most comprehensive book ever for the Kroeber clock enthusiaist...Congratulations..."
Steve Sadowski - New York, NY

"... I deal with Ship's Bell and Ship's clocks daily and your Ship's Bell section is fantastic.  The only problem I see is that if collectors have your book I won't be able to get a bargain when buying..."
Earl Richey - Harrisburg, PA

"... The Movement section is incredible, how did you add so much information?  When I look at it, I can't say anything but Thank You.  You show a lot of guts when you reported on page 961 that Seth Thomas errored in their 1915 Catalog when they list the model applications for the 89-AD clock movement..."
Al Dodson - Clockmaker - Lexington, KY

"... I like your Watch Section.  In George Townsend's 'almost Everything You Want To Know about American Watches and Didn't Know Who To Ask', only three Seth Thomas watch movements are listed, but your Watch section has 41 different models'.  My hat is off to you..."
Denzil Miller - N. Ft. Myers, FL  Ditto: 
Cooksey Shugart - Chattanooga, TN

"... With his new publication of Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements - 3rd Edition, Volume 1 & 2, Tran Duy Ly places himself in the ranks of recognized genius.  The sum total of all his many works on clocks has filled a void that no previous author or authority has been able to touch.  What a godsend for all of us in the field of repairing and collecting these wonderful pieces of American heritage.  Hats off, again, to Mr. Tran Duy Ly for yet another monumental work..."
D. J. Filman - Repairer and Collector - Tucson, AZ

"... Tran Duy Ly came from Viet Nam 40 years ago.  On a bus during his first day here, he stepped on a lady's foot and said, "Thank You" intead of, "I'am sorry!"  Now he's the King of Clock Books..."
Bob Schmitt - www.roschmittfinearts.com

"... I have always found Tran Duy Ly's books a very valuable source of reference for dealers and collectors here in England.  I have most of them in my library and never cease to be astonished that I can turn up an example of a particular model with an actual drawing of the clock from the original catalogue and even the original price.  What more could you ask?..."
Brian Loomes - clocks@brianloomes.com

"... When we began ClockGuy.com in 1998 it was immediately apparent we could not run a major antique clock brokerage without owning everyone of Tran Duy Ly's books.  Couldn't be done.  Period.  That invaluable investment has paid for itself over and over again..."
Richard Oliver - theclockguy@clockguy.com

"... Tran has expanded the information available on Seth Thomas and made it accessible to everyone.  He continues to work on offering as complete an inventory as possible so that anyone can view all models ever produced by Seth Thomas.  There is no tool more valuable..."
Dave Ewbank - Avon, CT

"... OVERWHELMING!  The third edition for Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements by Tran Duy Ly and his staff cannot be described in any less terms.  Previously prepared editions by Tran represented the most comprehensive information published on Seth Thomas Clocks.  The last was {2nd edition} published in 1996.  This 3rd edition Volume 1 and 2 is so overwhelming in minute detail that it is a must-have for any collector of American  clocks..."
Samuel  Licata - Hummelstown, PA
Dr. Licata is a volunteer for the NAWCC Library Research Team

"... No one will find a better resource for identifying and pricing antique clocks and watches.  High quality photographs, combined with detailed descriptions of each clock make your books simple to understand for any level of clock collector.  Anyone who purchases  one of your clock books will find that it will not be the last..."
William Gregory - Bluff City, TN

"... Well its here.  Trans new Seth Thomas book was on my door step this AM.  From 'American Clocks Volume One' Trans books have been superb.  This new book continues his great tradition.  Easy to follow as the clocks are all in alphabetical or numeral order.  This book has probably been the most anticipated volume he has produced.  The previous book has long been out of print and copies of it were reaching hundreds of dollars when they became available..." 
jacks61fd@cs.com - NAWCC Message Board

"... from an Ansonia clock collector, who has all your books and enjoy them dearly.  Thanks again..."
James L. Hinchey - Zillar, WA

"... Your American Clocks Volume 3 is a needed complement to your existing resources.  Not knowing a great deal about the early clocks, I have spent several pleasurable hours with the book..."
John Tanner - Upland, CA

"... Thank you for the very fine American Clocks Volume 1 that you have made available to us all. I find it most helpful and I feel realistic, price wise! I look forward to your next one so much!..."
Mel Neal - North Bend, OR

"... From  the few times we have met or spoken, is that you are a truly humble, enthusiastic expert, who has been helpful and friendly to me, as I try to learn about the subject to which you have devoted so many years.  It did not take me long at all to know why you are an icon in the clock-collecting community..."
Barbara Drake - Arlington, VA

"... As to be expected your American Clocks Volume 3 is highly informative and very well done.  Congratulations!
Ken Kroeber - Tuxedo Park, NY

"... Longcase Clocks & Standing Regulators - Part 1, will surely be the most important reference available anywhere..."
David L. Morgan NAWCC* - White House Station, NJ

"... I have been dependent on your clock books, they are absolutely invaluable as an authoritative reference source for identification of clocks including their movements, cases and current value.  For the tyro, intermediaries and the most advanced collectors, your books are an absolute essential reference for all clock enthusiasts..."
Richard Irwin - Shepherdstown, WV

"... Your Ansonia Clocks & Watches was excellent.  We found pictures of some clocks that had evaded naming for quite some time..."
Russell E. Ott - Irving, TX

"... I have your book on Ansonia Clocks & Watches and found it to be extremely well done and very informative.  I collect some Royal Bonn china case clocks and it is very nice to be able to identify them properly as to name, style, etc..."    
Don Graf - graf@steuber.com

"... Thank you for doing what you do, only wish I could afford all your clock books..." 

"... I use your American Clocks Volume 1 and Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements quite often, they are very well done and helpful publications.  Please keep up the good work..."
William Gray Eberly - South Harpswell, ME

"... Your clock identification books and price guides are extensively researched and provide the most comprehensive reference material available.  I sincerely appreciate the thoroughness, attention to detail and the meticulous work that you has put into publishing your books (clock collectors bibles) over the years..."  
Jim Fannin - Havana, FL

"... As a collector and restorer of clocks, I find your catalog drawings the best source of "original" appearance..."     
Scott Grabill - Concord, CA

"... Tran, I received the new book a couple of days ago.  I have gone through each page and feel this will be a great reference.  I do like the organization of the book, by style, not by year of manufacture.  Can't wait for Volume 2 to come out!!  Thank you for all of your efforts in this and all of your books..." 
Tom Seymour - Dearborn, MI

"... We are enjoying the Sessions Clocks book by Tran Duy Ly.  There is a wealth of info and the book is well worth the price..." 
David Jackson - Hermiston, OR

"...This Ansonia Clocks and Watches will be well used here in the library.  I just wish I had had it last week.  I found a clock I was looking for in this edition that wasn't in the previous one..."
Kristen Rassbach - Librarian, NAWCC

"... The Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements - 3rd Edition, Volume 1 have been going very well, thank you.  I have many enthusiatic responses and a few people have come back to order additional copies for friends and colleagues..."
Crunuh Books - www.crunruh.com

"... Your Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements - 3rd Edition, Volume 1 is a very good book.  It is well organized, highly detailed and contains lots of information and clock illustrations that I have not seen before.  I never imagined you could improve over your last edition, but you did.  I look forward to seeing the upcoming 3rd Edition, volume II.  Thanks and keep up the good work..." 
Bob Donley - Danville, IL

"... Your Welch Clocks is a great book, and I think you did a super job of collecting all that material!  It's really amazing that you are able to dig up so much and put out all these books..." 

"... I want you to know how often we use your books and how valuable they are in our daily work with clock dial restoration.  Thank you for your service to the clock community..."
Chad F. Mitchell - Lake Wylie, SC

"... I was delighted to receive the copy of Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators... You are providing a wonderful service to horological enthusiasts by making this information available in easily readable form. Your books have become the bible for many collectors eager to learn the subject..."
Robert C. Cheney - Clockmaker - Brimfield, MA

"... I already have several of your books and enjoy the way you have allowed each clock to be presented very clearly.  What a joy to find clocks that we own in your books..."       
Sally R. Winkelman - Verona, WI

"... Tran - This is the best one yet (I have all the others). Congratulations on a great job.  Thanks very much for the neat door prize...."   
Lee Smith - Midland, MI

"... Your Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements - 3rd Edition, Volume 1 is indeed very nice.  I just love it.  This updated version is the most thorough compilation of the Seth Thomas saga.  A bible to clock collectors.  It contains many new, previously not documented items.  Super quality images..."
Bela Marton - Allen, TX

"... Your Welch Clocks is really well thought out and presented in an orderly and logical fashion. Keep up the good work..."  
Bill Mather - Randolph Center, VT

"... American Clocks Volume 3 is a quality contribution to the documentation of American clocks -- a great reference!..."
Joyce Wahler - FNAWCC* - Palo Alto, CA

"... Tran Duy Ly, more than any other author of horological books in America, has repeatedly produced books that are right on target for clock collectors around the world. Each new book builds on the solid foundation he has established in the past..."
Tom Spittler - FNAWCC - New Carlisle, OH

"...To the collector of Waterbury clocks who has not been able to acquire original catalogues or a representative selection of their reprints, this Waterbury Clocks book provides an invaluable source of information..."
The Antiquarian Horological Society - East Sussex, England

"... Please advise Mr. Ly that his latest publication New Haven Clocks & Watches with a Special Section on New Haven Movements is another one of his excellent publications which I have added to my growing library on American horology..."
Stephen Azzopardi - Lobethal, South Australia, Australia
-  Stephen.Azzopardi@transport.sa.gov.au

"... Tran's publications have shaped the course of clock-collecting throughout the world.  He is a brilliant and resourceful person whose commitment to horological documentation and appraisal is immesurable..."
Old Timers Antique Clocks - Camp Hill, PA

"... I have recently purchased the Connecticut Manufactured Clocks series of your reference books and I love them! They are very comprehensive and informative. As a new "horologist", they have been extremely educational..."

"... I began repairing watches & clocks in 1939, and since that time have amassed quite a number of horological books (some volumes, such as Berthouds, dating back in the 18th century). But without a doubt the books by Tran Duy Ly have become our most used source of reference. They are truly fabulous..."
Jay Foreman, FBHI, Cambria, California

"... Your publications are a great service to the NAWCC!..."
James West - Dearborn, MI

"... I am proud to be associated in a small way with your books.  They are more than just picture books for neophytes.  They show so much, they document, they are making available so much to more than a lucky few!  Congratulations..."
Gregory A. Zemenick - M.D., P.C. - Troy, MI

"... Your book is used by the majority of clock collectors in the Minneapolis area, both for identification and price. It is a valuable asset to all clock collectors. I feel it is the best guide on the market today..."
Curtis Van Essen - Minneapolis, MN

"... Your American Clocks Volume 3 looks fantastic and should be a best seller..."
Ken Sposato - White Plains, NY

"... Tran Duy Ly has done an excellent job in presenting the Sessions Clock Company and its clocks.  In addition to all of the fabulous information, the inclusion of his up-to-date price guide makes Sessions Clocks a must for any collectors enthusiast.  I am please to introduce Tran Duy Ly's Sessions Clocks to the collecting world.  I am sure it will be a strong reference for years to come..."
Beth Bisbano - Past Director, Library & Research Center - The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

"... You are an antique clock icon!  One who has brought much knowledge to the common clock collector with your fabulous books on American Clocks, everyone in the trade refers to the books you write to identify clocks.  You are the MAN..."
Mark Peer - www.markoftime.com

"... Another contributor of notes is Mr. Larry Rappaport of Great Neck, New York whose vast collection of Welch clocks, which appears in Welch Clocks, is the result of a 20 years intensive hunt.  He told me, 'As a collector of American clocks, my favorite references have been the series of books on American Clocks by Tran Duy Ly.  I must add this new book on Welch which has details and facts never shown before.  I'll probably wear this one out soon with my constant use..."
Henry B. Fried - Flushing, NY

"...American Clocks Volume 3 is an excellent job and I congratulate you and your team for putting it together so nicely.  Writing such a book is a monumental task as I well know from my recent exercise with tower clocks ..."
Fred Shelley - Stamford, CT

"... Thanks for doing such a great job with these books.  You are a truly impressive author..."
Barbara Altberg - Concord, Ontario, Canada

"... All of your series on price guides and identification of clocks have become an important tool of my trade. The cross references and indexes expedite my research and have become a significant part of my valuation process..."
Betty Ann Morgan - Appraiser, Antique Clock Gallery, Whitehouse Station, NJ

"... My special thanks to Tran Duy Ly for making these books available. His Welch Clocks is just great!!!..."
Bryan Vernimb - Howell, NJ

"... I think you did a great job on the new Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements 3rd Edition, Volume 1!  Prices are more reflective of today's marketplace and your layouts and descriptions are as always, right on..."
Bob Wasserman - Milanville, PA

"... The fact that an up-to-date price guide is available makes this American Clocks Volume 1 even more indispensable to clock collectors.  Our hat if off to Tran Duy Ly and the continuing outstanding job he does in containing clock experts everyday for clock information and price trends.  The clock community owes him a huge debt of gratitude..."
Larry Rappaport -
Cutchogue, NY

"... I find the books, both the general ones and the ones devoted to a single manufacturer, are extremely helpful in identifying and dating clocks, not to mention being able to establish a reasonable value for them..."
Dick Trepp - Longmeadow, MA

"... I recently purchased the title American Clocks - Volume 1 by Tran Duy Ly and found it to be an excellent book..."
Larry Sheets - Overland Park, KS

"...I received your new Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is wonderful informative.  You did a beautiful job on it.  I have several of your books and they have truely helped me become more knowledgeable about clocks.  Thank you so much..."
Ron Roush - Roushsuz@aol.com

"... I recently received the book on Ansonia Clocks & Watches by Tran Duy Ly. It is an excellent reference, well organized, well presented, well thought out. I congratulate the author..."
Bert R. Caruthers, Spokane, WA

"... The service that you are rendering to clock collectors is most invaluable and will serve as a landmark for many years to come..."
Paul V Heffner - NAWCC "The Answer Box" Columbia, PA

"... I am sure Gilbert Clocks, like all of Tran Duy Ly’s other books, will be heavily used by collectors. It is a valuable addition to every collector’s library..."
Eileen Doudna - NAWCC Librarian, Columbia, PA

"... As a collector and restorer of clocks, I find your catalog drawings the best source of "original" appearance..."
Scott Grabill - Concord, CA

"... Your impressive book on Long Case Clocks and Standing Regulators ... should make available information on many types of clocks that would not be accessible to the general collector. Having repaired examples of so many of the clocks illustrated, it brought back memories of clocks I have repaired over the last sixty or more years..."
Dana J. Blackwell - Naugatuck, CT

"... Welch Clocks... What a Great book! I and other clock enthusiasts, are indebted to you for your scholarly informative research and publications..."
Charles F. Breuel Antiques - Glenmont, NY

"... Your Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements is great . The fact that you can look up one movement number and see the changes over the years is terrific..."
Jack Wyer - S. Setauket, NY

"... As a clock tablet painter, I find your books a valuable reference source in the determination and replacement of the decoration which is faithful to the original design of many of the clocks I help to restore..."
Lee H. Davis - York, PA

"... Tran Duy Ly has made the greatest contribution to American horology
of anyone I've known during my 35 years as a member of the NAWCC..."
Dr. Samuel Licata - Hummelstown, PA

"... Tran Duy Ly's Ansonia Clocks & Watches is a terrific book that contains the original catalog reprints of every kind of Ansonia clock, the original prices such clocks sold for and a listing of their current values..."
The Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL

"... If the reader does not have Ly's excellent book Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements in his or her horological library, he or she is urged to obtain a copy. Not only will it serve to identify your customer's clock but it gives estimated values. The section on movement identification is especially valuable to the clock restorer as it lists such information as mainspring sizes, pendulum lengths, type of escapement, etc..."
The American Watchmakers Institute - Cincinnati, OH

"... Long Case Clocks and Standing Regulators serves as the clock collector's best new, indispensable companion in finding and understanding these splendid clocks. Serious collectors, dealers and restorers are fortunate that Tran Duy Ly has taken the lead in horological reference books..."
The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - Columbia, PA

"... American Clocks - Volume 1 is a handy encyclopedia reference and includes the products of nineteen manufacturers. Thousands of different clocks in various styles, movements, novelty cases, and appearance. It is a quick and ready reference of all manufacturers, with detailed index and cross references. A valuable addition to the clock connoisseur's library..."
Antiques and Collecting Hobbies - Chicago, IL

"... It is a rare visitor who leafs through one of Tran Duy Ly's thorough identification and price guides, and can resist purchasing it for their personal horological library. The extensively researched and interesting histories prepared by experts in the field make these books efficient reference guides..."
American Clock & Watch Museum - Bristol, CT

"... Like all of Tran Duy Ly's highly informative books, Welch Clocks has become an instant bible and will provide many years of pleasurable reading and accurate reference..."
Watch & Clock Review - Denver, CO

"...Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements is the definitive work on the subject. It' a worthwhile investment for any collector seriously interested in horology and for any dealer who handles Seth Thomas clocks..."
Antique Weekly - Knightstown, IN

"... Your Longcase Clocks & Standing Regulators - Part 1 - Machine Made Clocks is an invaluable source book and an essential reference work for the serious collector..."
Eric Restall - Robert Hale Limited - London, England

"... Your Ansonia Clocks & Watches is incredible. I wish it had been available when I was the NAWCC Librarian as it would have been an invaluable help to me in answering questions. It is a book I would highly recommend to everyone. The work you have done, and the research and information you have added to the earlier edition are wonderful..."
Eileen Doudna, Philadelphia, PA

"...The organization you have provided for serious clock collectors in your books has been a Godsend. As far as I am concerned, you are the most influential horologist in the country..."
Dr. Richard Owens  Rowens54@aol.com

"...He is both an American success story and a publishing marvel.  Perhaps not since the novels of Polish-born Joseph Conrad has any non-native speaker done so well writing in English.  While clock guides are not likely to be studied in English literature classes, Ly's prose style is clear, concise and readable without any of the anomalies one would expect of a non-native speaker.  Like a famous watch, Tran Duy Ly takes a licking and keeps ticking..."
Johnson City Press -
Johnson City, TN

"...Please pass my regards to Mr. Tran Duy Ly.  His contribution to the world of horology absolutely cannot be measured.  We are certainly blessed to have him..."
Larry Holmes - NAWCC #115606

"...Since I have written over twenty mathematics textbooks for McGraw-Hill and now at GetMath.com, I know the time and effort it takes to produce a quality book, and yours are a trustworthy source of information now and for as long as people continue to collect clocks.  I know from my personal involvement with you on some of the books, that nothing goes into one of your books if it is in any way questionable, and for that reason, I always feel confident in recommending them as an honest, reliable source of information..."
Terry Wesner - Chelsea, MI

"...What an outstanding Calendar Book !!!! As an avid collector of Ithaca Calendar and Welch Clocks I find myself constantly referring to your book for quality information and price guidance. Tran Duy Ly is by far the leader in his field of gathering and presenting horological information for his clock books. His expertise is second to none and puts him to the fore front of clock collecting books..."
Al Bulkley, Odessa, NY  ABH580@AOL.COM 

"...I know of only one world that describes your books... FANTASTIC!  A few years ago, I attended the NAWCC clock meeting in King of Prussia, PA.  During the meeting, I overheard some clock dealers and collectors refer to you as 'Tran Don't Lie'.  After walking from dealer table to dealer table at that meeting their 'nickname' for you made perfect sense..."
Peter Janson - Jansonia Clock Company, Springfield, MA

"...I love the new Seth Thomas book, but why shouldn't I?  It's been a considerable void in my library not having either the Seth Thomas or Welch books.  I have often wondered how anyone could consider himself a collector and not purchase your books..."
Jerry Maler - Sayville, NY

"...I just received my copy of Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements - 3rd Edition - Volume 1.  It was everything I expected and more!!!  The historical information on the Seth Thomas companies has been expanded which is greatly appreciated by all who research and collect these clocks.  The section on dating appears to have been greatly expanded from the second edition which is an invaluable aid to many of us.  I've had the book only 24 hours so I'm sure I will find much new information as I work through each page.  As always, the images are first quality and the expanded coverage of clock models is unmatched in by any other source.  My only question is regarding Volume 2.  How soon can I get it?  Thanks for the hard work put into producing yet another benchmark reference...."
Tom Temple - Scottsdale, AZ

"...It is my private belief that in our widespread horological world Tran must be considered a true "National Treasure."  His personal efforts and untiring energy has given us a fabulous library of Horological literature which has taken our knowledge to ever increasing heights.  The scope and detail in his books are indeed awesome..."
David Clark - Lexington, KY

"...Wow...  we are really impressed with American Clocks Volume 3!!!  This is a must have for any Lux collector!  As a reference book it is unmatched in quality and very informative, you should be most proud of your self.  The cover is a real eye catcher and looks great sitting on our coffee table for all to see.  It should be a great seller..."
Diana & Dan Lockett - Eureka, CA

"...Tran's books and price guides, and this marvelous new Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements - 3rd Edition are invaluable resources for researchers, collectors, and dealers.  His books are the only comprehensive guide for the serious interest in American clocks.  No other publications anywhere rival the content attention-to-detail that Tran Duy Ly so brilliantly puts into each of his books..."
David Warner - FNAWCC - St. Louis, MO

"...I received the books that I ordered and am extremely impressed.  Your husband is truly a master.  I never have seen anything like these books on the subject and I will treasure them..."
patdonusa 1usa@netscape.net

"... I want to thank you for your excellent job on all your books as I consider them very accurate and totally reliable in every way!..."
Mel Neal - Allen, OK

"... Your books are a 'must have' for any serious antique clock collector.  They have been extremely helpful to me, as both a source of identification and an indication of current values.  I eagerly look forward to each new volume you publish..."
Mark Baum Baicker - Carversville, PA

"... I just want you to know that the book is the best I've ever seen on Ansonia. I have a few in my collection and were able to find all of them in your book..."
Sid Gordon - La Crescenta, CA

"... I purchased from you American Clocks Volume 2 for the subject Self-Winding Clocks. Wow! Very impressive coverage. Great book..."
Charles Griebell - Trumbull, CT

"... Your books has proven to be one of the most valuable tools in my shop.  They not only help customers and collectors identify their clocks, but assists all of us in determining their value.  It has been, and I hope will continue to be a pleasure to assist in some small way, in your publication..."
David Gorrell - Millersville Clock Shop - Millersville, MD

"... I received the books and to say how thrilled I was to see how good they were. Wonderful reference..."
Jerry Fear Warrensburg, IL

"... I hope in time to own all of your books, as they are a great resource for me in my new clock repair business. Thank you..."
Nigel N. Ridley - Rivonia South Africa - Specialist Restorer of Clock Barometers & Scientific Instruments

"... Your clock identification and price guide books are the best guides on the market. They are accurate and complete and very well organized. Since I buy many of my antique clocks at auctions, the speed with which I can locate and identify a clock with your guides is essential. Other guides do not provide this organization and accuracy and require thumbing through each page of the guide looking for a particular clock probably not in the book. All of my old clock books are now obsolete..."
Larry Gordon - Fenton, MI

"... After reading your book, I had the confidence and knowledge to make my first clock purchase. Without the valuable information your book contained, I would have bought several non-original clocks... Thank you for helping me get acquainted with a wonderful new hobby..."
L. R. Hoursley - Captain Cook, HI

"... I got my new books today - they are fabulous! I love them, but they seem to have just whet my appetite for more. I may have to place another order..."
Dr. Susan H. Ford - Cookeville, TN

"... You have done a great job again on the new Seth Thomas volumes!..."
Richard & Ruth Whipple - Roanoke, VA

"... Specifically in one of your recent publications, American Clocks - Volume 2, I was able to get the answer I needed for a repair on a self-winding clock. I could not find any information on how many turns are required to pre-load the mainspring, however, on page 183 was the answer..."
John A. McGrory - Glen Gardner, NJ

"... For any serious clock repair/sales person, Tran Duy Ly’ books of clock history and identification is a business imperative. As our family has worked in the clock repair and retail sales business for over 120 years, I can say that the availability of accurate pictorial books on specific American made clocks has always been a problem. There are many clock books available but they cover one or two clocks in a line; rarely do they cover a complete line of models or show the many case variatitons. Tran Duy Ly’s books are invaluable for their scholarly complete information. My library of his books allows me to correctly answer customers’ questions as to age, history and values of their family treasures. Call it his genius or just a labor of love; Mr. Tran Duy ly continues to fill the trade’s need for  American clock identification and history. Hats off to this great horological historian. Keep the books coming..."  
D. J. Fillman -Tucson, AZ

"... I wanted to just take a moment to congratulate your family on the fantastic service you have provided clock enthusiasts over the years, especially to people in Australia. As I first came across your books in the late 1980s in the form of the Red Ansonia book that served me for more than twenty years, until I updated. My only regret is that I have only spent the last couple of years collecting your books for myself, my son and family members including my father, all mad clock collectors and your books/guides are invaluable to us. Thank you very much for the great service you have provided me, always prompt, pleasant and efficient..."
Ken Baker - Victoria, Australia

"... I have been a clock collector for over twenty years and have done an extensive amount of research on various types of clocks. I use your identification and price guides because of their accuracy and easy to find format. Whether it be an auction, estate sale or even a clock show, they're with me all the time. I deal with antique stores, clock makers and hobbyists world wide, and we all agree, you can't find a better set of clock guides anywhere!..."
Marty Wilkey -
Valdosta, GA

"... The painstaking research by the author is clear and evident.  The reader is the real recipient and will reap great rewards of  how he took the time to tell about these timepieces."
Joe Tennis, columnist for the Bristol Herald Courier and author of "Beach to Bluegrass"

"... Your books sell like hot cakes!..."
Rick Merritt - Merritt's Antiques - Douglasville, PA

"...I am a relatively new clock collector and finally ordered my first installment of Tran Duy Ly books to build my library. I have been extremely pleased with the books as a source of information and general interest for that matter too. The books are invaluable for researching potential purchases and gaining the comfort that I am getting the right clock for the right money."
Russell Smith - Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"...I am new to collecting clocks and use Tran’s books to not only see what they are worth but to see if the clocks are original or have been put together or missing some parts of the case. I also like to see what movements the clock originally had. I am going to get the new Welch book as soon as I can. It looks to be great just like all the others."
Ron Lansue -  Chatham, Ontario, Canada

"...I have many of your clock books and will continue to add more. They are an extremely valuable reference source and a must for serious clock collectors. I especially like the Seth Thomas volumes with the wealth of detailed technical information they contain. The recent second edition of the Welch clock book is another one that contains information and illustrations which cannot be found anywhere else. Tran is to be congratulated for a stellar job on these along with all of his other books."

Ed Grudniewski - Lakewood, OH


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