American Clockmakers and Watchmakers
by Sonya L. & Thomas J. Spittler, and Chris H. Bailey

Published 2000 by

Arlington Books
1421 Brummel St - Evanston, IL 60202-3705 USA
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336 pages - 8 1/2 x 11 - Smyth sewn hardbound on high gloss enamel text $39.95  (Special Price $23.97)

From the September 2000 Horological Journal:
Brian Loomes - noted horologist and author of Clockmakers of Britain 1286-1700, Lantern Clocks and Their Makers, and Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, Volume 2.

"...This book is the third in a series on American Clocks published by Arlington Book Company, Inc., a keen horological publishing company run by Tran Duy Ly. It is in fact a dictionary of American clock and watch makers, listing brief biographical details of 16,000 makers. The compilers, who have been well known for many years in the clock world, have between them the unique combination of the experience necessary for such a task: including research, genealogy and the clocks and watches themselves. It is necessary not just to slavishly copy entries from other books, which anyone can do, but to understand the nature of what is met with and to be able to make sense of it, revise it when needed and set it down accurately. If this sounds easy, try spending nine wearing years at it, as these authors have, and see if it still seems easy.

From the September 2000 Clocks magazine:
John Hunter - Editor Clocks magazine.

"...the authors of the directory under review here saw a need for a more comprehensive directory of American clockmakers, one which went from the earliest times right up to the present, and one which gave more information about makers whose clocks you are more likely to come across, rather less about makers... whose clocks are not known... While for reasons of space, most makers get only a few lines, well known makers such as Daniel Burnap and Aaron Dodd Crane merit more in-depth treatment. Seth Thomas and his various companies run to almost a page. All in all this is a splendid book and will surely become the Baillie and Loomes of American horology..."

From the September 2000 Antiquarian Horology Society, the journal of the AHS:
John Robey - owner of Mayfield Books and author of The Longcase Clock Reference Book.

"...This book includes all those who are known to have worked in the trade, as well as those whose name appears on the dials of clocks or watches, even if only as a retailer rather than an actual maker. The names of makers, manufacturers, dealers, peddlers, case makers, dial makers, repairers, entrepreneurs, and in one instance a 'clock tinkerer', as well as some who were simply the first owner but had their names painted on a dial, have all been included. Each entry might be as short as one line, but most are longer, typically a brief paragraph, while some of the important makers might have half a page or more, with basic details of their products... For those wishing to discover more about the name on an American watch or clock this book is highly recommended, and it is destined to become the standard text on the subject..."

From Rita Shenton - London Horological book-seller and Chairman of AHS:

"...The recent publication of a most comprehensive directory - an alphabetical listing of 16,000 names including 8,000 that were previously unrecorded - is therefore a most welcome addition to any library. The team of researchers - Sonya and Tom Spittler together with Chris Bailey are to be heartily congratulated on a fine piece of research and their continuing devotion to this mammoth task... can only be highly recommended..."

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